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Access to all the engineering data you need to build a high downforce sportscar for personal use. Commercial Licenses available on request.

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• 2 seat sportscar for up to 6’3” & 110kg
drivers – race, trackday & UK road legal
• Weight :
430kg (Race), 470kg (Road)
• Engine:
220bhp -1340cc Suzuki hayabusa
• Aerodynamics:
Max Downforce: 2600lbs (1180kg)
Best L/D configuration: 5.8:1
• Size:
Width: 1.5m (small for lower drag)
Wheelbase: 2.4m
Length: 4.3m
• Top Speed: 135mph + ratio options
• Safety:
55kg 4130 or 304 Stainless Steel spaceframe
with bonded-in carbon composites
1″ Aluminium honeycomb & ballistic Tegris
side impact panels, + front crashbox
Steering column is collapsible


• Body:
Carbon-fibre or Glass-fibre bodywork.
Front & Rear wings in carbon.
3 piece upper & full underbody diffuser.
• Suspension:
TIG welded CDS wishbones with multi
adjustable dampers
13” Aluminium Centre-lock wheels
• Tyres:
Race F3 slicks: Front 13×8, Rear 13×10
Road legal tyres: Front 16×7, Rear 17×9
• Brakes:
Front, 4 piston F3
Rear, 2 piston FBMW
Floor mounted adjustable pedal box.
• Interior:
Digital Dash/steering wheel and data
logging systems.
Lightweight carbon-fibre seats.
Pneumatic Gearchange with paddleshift.
6 point race seatbelt harness.


• 50% scale model wind tunnel tested
• Developed & tested at the Auto Research
Centre rolling road wind tunnel, as used by
F1, IndyCar and NASCAR teams.
• CFD aerodynamic optimization undertaken
at Cranfield University
• Prototype cars already proven on track
• Complete 3D CAD model created to ensure
accurate fits, weights, and packaging.
• FIA Specification roll-cage for driver safety
• Additional vacuum generating devises
contained in sides and floor


Any Colour, Any Spec.
ANDRE only build to order.


The First Open Source Race Car Project
Free Access to all the engineering data used to build the inverter sportscar

Make it & build it at home or buy parts or a car from our open supply chain

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Real Concepts

The SkyRunner is a flying car designed and built by Andre in 12 months from concept to first flight.

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SkyRunner Flight


A lightweight flying car, launched at Ft Lauderdale International Boat Show in 2013. It has recently passed it’s CAA flight certification and is being developed by investors for leisure and rescue purposes.
150 orders.
$100k each.
200,000 facebook followers.
One of Redbull’s 7 Most Impressivce Adventure Vehicles
Reaching New Heights
Vehicle: SkyRunner
Arena: Land and Air
Stoked On: Hangtime
Personal flight has never looked so good. The skyrunner is virtually an off road dune buggy with the power to soar. Capable of speeds up to 55mph and heights of 10,000 feet, this beast is sure to redefine the outdoor experience. The ultralight frame, intuitive controls and aggressive suspension allow the SkyRunner to pin it around the corner and grip it and rip it through the stratosphere. Want to know more about the SkyRunner?

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Andre was Lead Mechanical Design Engineer
responsible for the general layout
of the Dyson 360 Eye robot during
early prototyping.
Multiple globally protected patents
on bump sensing mechanism, bin
access and battery cooling.

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Invention, prototyping & IP Protection
Global Patent Holder in Robotics and Heat Energy Recovery

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